Wafaa Amer for her sister Aiten: “You have to take aspirin, your blood is sticky.”


In a joke link between the two sisters, Wafa andAiten AmerAiten Amer shared a video via the Story feature on her account on the Instagram site, and she cites the audience, where her sister Wafaa appeared in her while making fun of her, saying: “You must take aspirin because you have a viscosity in the blood. Your blood is sticky.” sugar”.

The star Eten Amer had recently expressed the situation that she is currently living, when she said through her official account on Twitter: “It is I who currently lacks me other than Tamer Ashour’s album,” to which the latter replied with a tweet: “He does not keep saving quickly with his bug”, a tweet that did not stop Then Eten Aamer wrote a tweet saying, “Send me a nice tip.”

On the other hand, the artist, Eten Amer, recently published through her account on “Instagram”, in front of her house, while she was driving a “baby car”, and Eten commented on the video saying, “Awake to the fast … O Lord, my daughter, you will not see me,” where some of her friends played with her. From the artistic community on the comic video, Ahmed Al-Shami commented, “You don’t mind your mind.”

Aiten Amer also shared her audience with a new video through her account on the “Tik Tok” application, with her husband, Director of Photography Mohamed Ezz Al Arab, inspired by the character of the two stars Nelly Karim and Aser Yassin in the series “100 Wsh”, which won a large number of likes that exceeded 27 thousand likes in few hours.

Aiten Amer recently participated in the series “Second Chance” and achieved great public success, and drew attention to the role of “Reham” in the events of the series, where Aiten published, a few days ago, a new picture from one of the comics, which appeared in it mediating the image of “Ahmed Magdy and Yasmine Sabry From their wedding ceremony, she wrote “Shara is your analyst four, Ziyad,” referring to her acceptance of marrying him in any situation.


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