Walid Abdel-Latif: Al-Ahly “concluded” against Ashour … and if he had been in his place, she would have retired


04:13 PM

Thursday 04 June 2020

I wrote – Menna Omar:

Walid Salah Abdel-Latif, a former Zamalek player, said that if Hossam Ashour was the captain of Al-Ahly, he would retire in the red team shirt, pointing out that the idea of ​​his move to Zamalek “will destroy his history.”

During radio statements to Radio On Sport, Abd al-Latif said: “Ashour is a historic captain of Al-Ahly, the most capped tournament player, who has not been heard throughout his career.”

Abdullatif added: “Ashour may have mistakenly mistakenly for his fear for the future, but Al-Ahly’s offer to him was huge, he would have obtained from him privileges after his retirement, at the same time Al-Ahly’s board had to be merciful to the player.”

And the former Zamalek player continued: “There is no objection to punishing the player for violating the instructions, but as a board of directors (I am not guilty of it).”

Walid Abdel Latif continued: “I do not think Ashour will move to Zamalek so that he does not destroy his entire history, and at the same time I do not favor Zamalek’s contract with him for his old age, although he will benefit the team for his great experiences.”

It is worth noting that Al-Ahly management has retracted its exceptional offer to Ashour to hold a retirement match, preparing it technically or administratively to be one of the future cadres of the club; Al-Ahly will bear all the costs of his travel to live outside the country, in addition to the club’s contract with him to be among the main elements of the analysis team.

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