Warnings: Climate change will generate stronger winds and intense waves


Scientists warn that climate change will generate stronger storm winds that result in more severe and more frequent waves over the next eighty years, if global warming emissions are not reduced, by using thousands of typical extreme ocean waves from the last century, along with two alternative scenarios for greenhouse gas emissions , The research team found that the recurrence of these events could increase by 10%.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, the world of global warming is creating stronger winds of storm that lead to massive waves and as a result, the events of the next 100 years may begin to appear every 50 or even 20 years instead.

Extreme waves can reach a height of 65 feet, which is up to a pile of four double-decker buses, and will affect 60% of the global coast, primarily the Southern Ocean.

The dire warning comes from a team at the University of Melbourne, who shared a statement: “Our new research indicates that by the end of the century, the intensity of extreme wave events will increase by up to 10% over large ocean regions, and the frequency of storms that generate intense waves will increase by 5 to 10 in the year.

“This may not sound like a major increase, but it does mean that nearly 60% of the world’s coast will face larger, more frequent, extreme waves,” the researchers said.

“The increased risk of extreme wave events can be disastrous, because larger and more frequent storms will cause more floods and coastal erosion,” says the blog, which was published by researchers.

The team used data from the thousands of extreme waves of ocean models that they collected over the past century. Extremism came from global wave models based on wind forces generated from seven different global climate models.

Not only did the results show a 10% increase in the frequency of the extreme wave, but the largest and most dramatic increase in wave size was found in the Southern Ocean, which would have an impact on most of the Pacific coast.


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