Watch the moment of the death of the father of the suicide star of Bollywood, by hanging the moment he received the news of his death


Social media activists shared a video in which the family of the young Bollywood star Sushant Singh Rajput appeared after receiving the news of his departure.His father drew attention due to his complete collapse, as a number of paramedics were brought in to take care of his health.

A number of pages concerned with news of Bollywood celebrities also shared an image of his cremation.

The pictures circulating showed the moment the body was discharged from the hospital amid the tears of his family and friends in the art, and in another image, the moment his body was cremated.

On the other hand, the audience circulated an old video of the late artist in which he appeared in a press conference alongside a colleague, as he tried to save her from an embarrassing situation.

The artist appears in the clip wearing a very short dress, preventing her from sitting on the chair so that her body does not appear to the audience, as her features showed signs of tension and fear, to Rajput stand in front of her in order to sit comfortably and save her from an embarrassing situation.

It is reported that on June 14, 2020, the body of a 34-year-old actor Sushant was found at his home in Bandra, Mumbai, hanging on a ceiling fan.

Sushant was reportedly depressed for about six months. However, a suicide note has not yet been found. According to Mumbai police officer Vinay Chobe, some prescriptions and medical reports have been found in his room and an investigation is still underway.

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