Watch the night of the sister of Mohammed Ramadan, the sister who did not complete well … this is what happened !!


The wedding of the Egyptian artist’s sister has not ended And the night of the wedding as planned, after the party was organized in one of the villas in Sheikh Zayed City.

In this context, the Egyptian security officer was arrested The husband of the sister of the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, because he violated the authorities’ procedures to cope with the spread of the Coruna virus.

Videos and pictures were published from the wedding, which showed intense attendance, whether from family members, artists, friends of the artist and his sister.

Later, the husband was released from the Sheikh Zayed Police Department’s bureau, after being arrested and interrogated, and he paid a fine of 4 thousand pounds.

In a press statement carried by local media, the groom confirmed that the ceremony was in his villa inside the Salmaniya compound in Sheikh Zayed, and he followed all precautions from gags and disinfectants during the wedding ceremony, and that the attendees were a few of the two families.

A report of the incident was edited and the prosecution, which initiated the investigation, notified.

It is noteworthy that the Egyptian artist, Mohamed Ramadan, attended his sister’s wedding, and he appeared as the rest of the participants in the party without protective mask, and the guests took photos with him.

“Iman”, the artist’s sister, Mohamed Ramadan, was bullied by social media users, after publishing photos from her marriage contract.

While followers ironically commented on the shape , And likened it to informatics Logaynn Omran; Because of her plastic surgery, others criticized the bullies, saying their comments were “ridiculous” and ignorant.

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