We deserve to be crowned the Champions League title in the event of cancellation of the season


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He said Enrique Cerezo, President club Atletico Madrid Spaniard, that His team Deserves Coronation With the title Cyclic Champions Europe, This season, if did not To continue Competition at Shade crisis virus Sk The newbie, Considering it’s a Managed From exclusion Liverpool pregnant Title From The role price Final.

And he said Cerezo at Statements I moved it newspaperMondo DeportivoSpanish: ”at Condition did not Complete Complete Championship Because virus Corona, The Hero He the team winner On pregnant Title“.

as such Talk Cerezo About Charts UEFA To complete season Cyclic Heroes in one city, And the possibility of Madrid hosting the rest of the tournament matches, Where He said: ”No Still over there Number Little From Matches at price Final, Then quarter Final And a half Final And the final, And understand that the Union European Try Accommodation this is Confrontations at City one“.

He added: “There is talk of Spain and Portugal to host the remaining matches, But No Thing a favour about Our Even right Now”.

And about Absence masses About Matches a ball Foot During Period Coming, He said Cerezo: ”masses Factor Important Extremely at Scientist a ball Foot, The stadium Without masses Like Cinema Empty Their absence Give Feeling Not to Existence Which Thing“.

Mentionsed that Atletico Madrid It was may be Toppled Liverpool pregnant Title From The role price Final For my turn Champions Europe, Therefore Managed From superiority on him With a goal Clean Back, Before that Repeats Outperform him at match The return On Playground Anfield With a result 2-3.

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