We may lay off 20% of our employees and sell some of our aircraft


Looking to get additional financing

Source: Arabic.net

Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al-Baker said that perhaps less than 20% of the group’s employees may be laid off, saying it is difficult to say when the company will return to profitability due to the pandemic.

While revealing that Qatar Airways would sell 5 of the 737 MAX planes already received, he said the company was in talks with Airbus and Boeing to delay all pending deliveries.

Stop the flights of 10 Airbus A380 aircraft

He warned: “Aircraft orders may be canceled if aircraft manufacturers do not agree to delay deliveries.”

He stressed that the company will not do business in the future with any aircraft manufacturer, which makes it difficult to postpone the delivery of aircraft.

In addition, he explained that the company will keep its fleet of 10 Airbus A380 planes without flying until mid to late 2021. He said: “Some of the A380 pilots will fly flights for the A350.”

“Qatariya” is looking for bank financing

While noting that the company has not yet requested any support from the Qatari government, he stated: “We are still using the cash reserve for operations, and we are examining various tools, including bank financing.”

“We are satisfied with the investments in other airlines, and we will continue to partner with Latam operating in South America,” he said, stressing that Latam will recover more aggressively.

On the other hand, he stressed that we are not currently planning to buy stakes in other airlines.

In terms of passenger numbers, he said that the company has transported 1.8 million passengers since March.


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