We refuse to use our lands as a platform for military operations in Libya


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On Thursday, the Tunisian Defense Minister, Emad Al-Hazqi, denied the presence of any foreign forces or military bases in Tunisia, Adding that his country was and still fully controls its lands and maritime and airspace, and does not allow any foreign force to be present in it, according to the official news agency.

In a media statement on the sidelines of a hearing by the Parliament’s Security and Defense Committee, he confirmed that his country previously and currently refused to use its lands to conduct military operations or to establish foreign military units and bases.

He also stressed the clarity of the Tunisian position on Libyan file Which stipulates the rejection of all forms of foreign interference and its support for all political initiatives that would lead to a political solution that would end the Libyan crisis.

During the past few days, international calls for a return to dialogue between the conflicting parties have intensified, after the recent military escalation in the west of the country, while Ankara reiterated that it continues to support the reconciliation forces against the Libyan army, even to control Sirte and Jafra.

Both Egypt and the UAE affirmed that “a political solution is the only acceptable solution in Libya,” calling for the cessation of military operations and the resumption of dialogue under UN auspices.

They also warned “armed armed groups supported from abroad threaten civilians in Sirte, Libya.”

The United Nations and Libyan talks

This comes after the United Nations Support Mission in Libya announced earlier Wednesday the holding of the third session of the Libyan military-joint talks, between the delegations of the Government of National Accord and the Libyan army.

“My delegation, the government of national reconciliation and the national army, is fully involved in the third round of the JMC (5 + 5) talks,” she said in a statement posted on its official website.

The United Nations held a first online meeting with the army delegation on the third of June, and secondly with the Al-Wefaq delegation on June 9, according to the statement.

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