We will be launching Invisiram to treat corona in Egypt within 3 weeks … video


Dr. Amr Morsi, Managing Director of 10th of Ramadan Company for Pharmaceutical Industries, said that we have applied for registering Enziram in Egypt since 2015 because it has been registered in Japan since 2014 to treat the flu.

Morsi added, during a phone call to the story program broadcast on MBC Egypt The Japanese government She saved this drug to treat flu conditions that did not respond to regular medications.

He explained: Today we started to produce this drug and it is the same that Russia has developed.

He continued: Invisiram contains the active ingredient “faviravir” and this prevents the reproduction Corona Virus .

He stressed that the heat ends after two and a half days after taking this medicine and the cough ends after 4 days and the lung function improves by 91%.

He continued that this drug will be available on the market within 3 weeks under the order of the Egyptian Medicines Authority and the Ministry of Health.

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