What are the first signs of diabetes? Health Statement – Life


Diabetes is one of the chronic metabolic disorders and is represented by an increase in blood glucose levels exceeding the normal range.

Dr. Nadijda Maximova, an endocrinologist, revealed how to determine the risk of developing diabetes at an early stage.

The specialist pointed out that the doctors use the concept of pre-diabetes, in which the level of glucose sugar in the blood is slightly above the normal rate, but it cannot be considered a pathological condition.

And she says, “Every one of 13 people suffers from a condition of prediabetes, and a sixth of children born to mothers suffer during the period of pregnancy who suffer from a high level of sugar from this condition as well. And that 84% of these cases developed into diabetes.”

The expert added, Diagnosis of pre-diabetes, is a warning issued by the body. According to her, high blood glucose level does not necessarily mean diabetes. But to avoid this you must change lifestyle and diet as well.

She noted that being overweight and inactive lifestyle are the main risk factors. The BMI helps determine a person’s fitness. This indicator is the result of dividing the weight in kilograms by the square of height in meters, according to Russia Today.

There are other factors: the level of cholesterol in the blood and constant blood pressure (140/90 mm. Mercury column). Therefore, controlling the index of the level of pressure, sugar and triglycerides with moderate physical activity in most cases can prevent the approach of the frontiers of diabetes and of course the incidence of diabetes itself. According to the expert.



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