What are the most moving movies to cry?


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If you are among those who quietly cry when watching an impressive movie, here’s this warning: put aside an extra box of tissue before you watch the films mentioned in this report.

When American film critic Kevin Lee wrote a tweet last week in which he asked the audience about “the hardest thing he ever cried in a movie or TV show,” he was not expecting this stormy attack in response to his tweet.

“Within the first six hours, the responses were not foreseen at all, you would be a little surprised to hear the truth,” he says.

Film fans lavished on him the names of films that caused many tears, and his surprise more than anything else was that some of the responses were accompanied by personal stories that explain the interest in these films.

“The responses were very beautiful, and they were very different.”

BBC was able to analyze 35,000 responses, and it was the two most prominent films that shook feelings for tears, not from the type of epics or heavy drama, but rather from the type of family films that moved the hearts with.

Top of the list is the animated movie “Coco”, produced by Disney / Pixar, 2017 Oscar winner, thanks to his powerful story of a Mexican boy crossing the “land of the dead” and discovering the secrets of his family while trying to fulfill his dream of becoming a musician.

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“Disney / Pixar”, animated film “Coco” topped the list

He will be followed on the list by a 2008 movie, “Marley and Me”, and it tells the story of the couple, Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston, who adopted a Labrador riot dog accompanying them during their family lives.

These two films top the list compared to other films, and that is not a scientific survey of course, but there is a list of the top 10 films mentioned in the audience’s interaction with Kevin Lee’s tweet.

I was not surprised by the top movie “Coco”, and he told the BBC: “I like this movie, and it gets more admired with every view.”

“The story is very touching and the characters are very close in life. I think this is what has reached many audiences.”

It also included a list of the top ten films, three of a kind of animation, all produced by Disney / Pixar, among them the movie “Fog”, which is a film transmitted by generations, and “Toy Story 3”, which was described by “BuzzFeed” as “one of the saddest films.” Most likely in this generation. ”

He tells me that he is a “lover” of animated films, for easy transition to the worlds they create, and diving deep into them.

“Animated films are very free to invent their own idea,” he explains. “This idea transcends the story you want to tell, so it is very easy to abstract while letting the story take me to its world.”

He says the audience’s responses have generally focused on two types of influencing stories.

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Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston in “Marley and Me”

He adds: “One cries for the death of a character, either because he has become emotionally attached to that character and his heart grieves over it, or he feels the same details of the character’s story, especially when he remembers losing someone close to him.”

A user contacted him and told him that he was particularly affected when watching “Coco”, because his grandmother recently passed away (and the grandmother’s character is the focus of the Coco movie’s story).

The best and the worst in humans

“Another common feature I noticed was those films whose story is based on real historical facts,” Schindler’s List films said. “Life is Beautiful, Sufi Choice, Saving Private Ryan, the Grave of Fireflies.”

He adds: “There are many historical films that show the darkest chapters of human history and actually reach the audience.

He says: “When it comes to the darkest chapters of human history, this makes you see the worst in humans, but you also see the best in humans, so it is destructive but it is also effective. I am not quite sure if you are crying tears of sadness or tears of joy.”

Other high-profile selections included a women’s 1980s drama with a female lead such as “Affection Phrases”, “Beaches” and “Hard Magnolia” to “Avengers: The End of the Game” produced in 2019.

It is believed to me that his original tweet somewhat touched due to the closure imposed by the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

He says, “My only explanation is that I have touched the spirit of the times in how everyone feels the present moment.”

“Everyone is now more isolated,” he says. “There are a lot of people alone in this closure.”

“This post may have made many want to communicate with others, and the current climate has opened the way for people to share more of their personal matters,” he says.


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