What does Flash Player mean..and why Adobe asked its users to remove it


Flash Player is one of the most popular programs that Internet users have known. It is basically a widespread media player that is used to play files from the SWF extension, such as those used to display video on the Internet as a YouTube site, and to install it merges with the browser and works inside the websites interface.

Flash player

It is available as an add-on in most web browsers. It is also available as a standalone program on Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems. It is also available as a light version, Adobe Flash Lite for mobile devices, as this feature makes it easy to make programs with high compatibility without any effort. Mentionsed.

Why is Adobe asking to remove it

It is no longer a secret that most web browsers and websites dispense with it, as this dispensation came in favor of HTML5 technology, which praised its success in terms of smooth work and protection. It expires on December 31 and will not be supported by any security updates.

The company will also remove the Flash Player download links entirely from its sites, which will prevent users from installing the software and thus ensuring that they do not continue to use them, while Adobe’s move to get rid of the use of Flash Player is one of the most strict plans of companies when it comes to stopping the support of certain software.


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