What is the relationship between the speed of solar explosions and the health of astronauts?


A recent study revealed that knowing the speed of solar explosions when they reach Earth can help space weather forecasters protect astronauts and satellites, as the focus is currently on the size of expulsions of the coronal mass coming from the sun, rather than its speed, when warning of any possible impact that may They have.

According to the British website “Daily Mail”, the coronal masses caused by huge bursts of material from the sun, traveling through the interplanetary space and disturbing the magnetic field of the earth, and researchers from Reading University found that the inclusion of speed allows forecasters to provide a more accurate warning system with “false positive results”. ” Less.

The team says this more accurate early warning system will help vital infrastructure operators such as satellites to know if they need to take evasive action..

This procedure includes shutting down systems to protect them – which can be costly, so accurate information before turning them off is vital..

They can also warn astronauts on the International Space Station or in the future when traveling to the moon, when they need to take shelter in protected areas.

And using solar imaging devices to measure the speed CMEs Close to the sun, the team found that it was predictable when storms would reach Earth, and Professor Matthew Owens, astronomer at the University of Reading’s meteorology department, said there were no mass expulsions leading to a severe storm..

He added: “While it is better to be safe than to be sorry, especially with the health of the astronauts, the costs of repeatedly unnecessary actions to protect the satellite network may be more expensive than the possible damage to the space weather itself, and this prompted the team to Find ways to create a more accurate early warning system, realizing that “speed” played a big role “.

Space weather is one of the biggest threats facing the United Kingdom and many other countries, due to the possible disruption of computers, communications networks and electricity systems.

Billions of dollars are being spent on spacecraft and new systems to better predict and measure explosions when they occur.


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