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Authorities in Dubai, UAE, have announced the arrest of Prince Faten Makki, who has been in hiding since November 2018, after he managed to escape a raid targeting him in Spain.

Dubai Police released a video, showing the moment of the arrest of Amir Faten Makki.

Prince Faten Makki, a Danish national, of Moroccan origin, is only 22 years old, yet he is widely believed to be the leader of a dangerous gang called “Sodis” and is also believed to be linked to Radwan Tagi, who was arrested in Dubai late in the year. the past.

Amir Faten Makki survived several attempts to arrest him, as he was wounded in the leg and killed three of his colleagues in the Swedish city of Malmo in 2018, but managed to escape, where he hid in Spain, and there, too, was targeted by the police in November 2018, with a massive raid, in which he participated 120 Spanish police, but managed to escape, and has gone into hiding since then.

He was killed mercilessly

It is believed that Prince Faten Makki and his gang are behind the murder of cocaine trafficker, David Avila Ramos, 37, who is known in the secret drug world, as “Maradona”, who was shot while leaving a party in Maribela, southern Spain.


“Maradona” was killed in front of his wife and young children, who were in the car when he was shot. It is also suspected that the gang of Amir Faten Mekki killed Sufyan Ahmed Barak, also known as the “Zocato”, who was shot nine times and was considered the main smuggler of Moroccan hashish to Europe.

All this in the context of the war between the competing gangs, and it is believed that the gang of Emir Faten Makki, “the Swedes”, has carried out kidnappings, shootings, setting fire to restaurants on the beach, and bombing the warehouses of their competitors from other gangs.

Also among the operations was the death of Flamore Bagheri, who was shot dead in front of his wife and child outside his home southwest of London.


Al-Buqiri is believed to have been linked to a rival gang leader of the Prince Faten Makki gang, on the Costa del Sol, in southern Spain.

According to the Spanish media, Prince Faten Makki received between 50 thousand and 100 thousand euros for each dead person.

Why move from Sweden to Spain?

Prince Faten Makki gained wide fame as a ruthless killer when he decided to move his gang to the Costa del Sol, a tourist region in southern Spain, also called “Costa del Hamba” because of its link to cocaine smuggling, which goes through the island’s green port, and hashish, which comes from Morocco, and from there both types of drugs are distributed on the European market.


Thus the move apparently aims to control the source of the drug trade in Europe.

Despite fierce competition with the Dutch and Russians, who also work in that region, the local police consider the Swedes’ gangs “the worst of what Costa del Sol has ever known.”

Amir Faten Makki was the leader of one of the most active of these gangs, and was composed of Swedes of Somali origin.

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