Who is the Greek “Demi” heroine of the new moral crisis of a rose?


02:25 PM

Thursday 18 June 2020

Books – Muhammad Yusri Murshid:

Greek newspaper “On Sport” revealed a new moral crisis for Amr Warda, the Greek star of Pawk, a Greek journalist named “Demi Stamatilia”.

The newspaper published letters to the journalist, “Instagram”, the photo exchange, which was not denied by the player, who only closed his account on “Instagram”.

Demi Stamatilia, born March 24, studied journalism and fitness, lives in the Greek capital Athens and works as a sports reporter specializing in Greek Olympiacos club news.

The Greek journalist works on the sports website Thrylos24.gr and SportStoNoto.gr, according to her personal account on the social networking site, Facebook, in addition to her work as a personal trainer at Jim Adonis Kalamata.

Demi told the Greek nyxtobaths that she is emotionally connected and owns one brother called “Ioannis” and a sister named “Lina”.

Rose’s story began with the Greek journalist by chance meeting in a store in Kolonaki – a neighborhood in Athens – and then he gave her his account via “Instagram” in order to communicate with her.

According to the Greek newspaper “On Sport”, the journalist did not want to communicate with Warda, but he found her account on Instagram, began to communicate with her, and invited her to come to spend a day with him in charge of the travel ticket, but she refused.

This is not the first time that messages have been leaked to a rose, and the same thing happened before when the player was in the Egyptian national team camp in the last African Nations Cup, and then he caused a massive attack against him and demands that he be excluded.

Warda had returned to PAOK club after the Larissa club, which was playing on loan for its ranks, decided to dispense with its services due to serious disciplinary violations without disclosing them.


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