“Whoever nibs plagued” .. The message of the artist Ahmed Al-Awadi to the bullies


The artist’s face Ahmed Al-Awady, A message to the bullies in society, calling for the necessity for each person to adjust himself before focusing on the lives of others and bullying them, which has become the scourge of society.

Artist Ahmed Al-Awadi wrote, on his Facebook page: “The community has bullying bullying … everyone is bully on the other side and before he sleeps, the post writer (I love all people) .. everyone modifies himself first and focuses on his condition instead of bullying on the creation of God And where do I wear it? ..From a nibble plagued. “

Ahmed Al-Awady
Ahmed Al-Awady

On the other hand, the artist Ahmed Al-Awadi reviewed his sports skills in a video clip that he shared with his followers through his official account on the social networking application “Instagram”, where he dealt a heavy blow with his foot on ” boxing bag“During the period of sanitary isolation.

Earlier, director Hossam Ali finished editing the episodes of the series “Seriously Dangerous” by star Ahmed Al-Awadi, in his first absolute championship, and handed his episodes to the seriess producer, who in turn delivered him to a platform.watch it“It is being shown for the first time, and episodes of the series are scheduled to be presented in the coming weeks.

The series deals with the issue of hackers and their danger to national security and their great use in hitting state institutions, where each episode is presented in 30 minutes, and its use is largely to hit state institutions, where each episode is presented in 30 minutes, and the company is scheduled to announce the dates of its presentation during the coming days And the work belongs to the quality of action, consisting of 7 episodes, as it is a new experience that will be presented for the first time in Egypt.


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