With a ripped shirt, Nadia El Gendy shines with a youthful look


The artist made sure Nadia El-Gendy To follow her followers through her official account on the social networking site Instagram, with a group of pictures in her most recent appearance.

Sparkled Nadia El-Gendy In the pictures with a modern look, she wore a striped shirt that combined yellow and white color, the design was torn from the side of the arm, and coordinated with him jeans with pearl beads.

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And completed Nadia El-Gendy She looked like a medium-sized handbag in yellow, while she wore a sunglasses that matched her face and was decorated with a set of modern accessories that matched her youthful look.
Aesthetically, it was adopted Nadia El-Gendy On the tufts of her streamlined blond hair, she applied an attractive makeup based on fuchsia lip paint.


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