“With death, dad.” … the father of the medical student, “Shahid Koruna,” in Qalyubia, Yeru


09:25 PM

Saturday 13 June 2020

Qalyubia – Osama Aladdin:

Ashraf al-Jamal, the father of Dr. Muhammad al-Jamal, a medical school student, who passed away due to his infection with the Corona virus, after he was exposed to infection during his volunteering to work in an isolation hospital, said that he was constantly communicating with his martyr son, during his last days in the isolation hospital, saying: “My beloved said To me before his death, I feel I am dying, Papa. “

The father of the martyr, in statements to “Masrawy”, added that he had a strong relationship with his son: “He was my friend.”

He continued: “Last Thursday, I called him to bring him water, juices and some medications, and I went immediately, and I handed them over to the hospital security, and upon my return to the house we spoke intermittently for 7 hours.”

The father of the martyr explained that when his son’s condition in the house isolation worsened, we had great difficulty obtaining a bed of intensive care, until after we were able to communicate with Dr. Mona Mina, Secretary of the Medical Syndicate, and she was able to provide us with a place, saying: “My beloved was feeling that he was dying And I was trying to reduce it, “he said, adding:” If I had it I would move it again, I would have moved it, but this was the only place that was available. “

The father of the martyr said: “Yesterday evening, Friday, I felt very worried about my son, and decided to go down and go to see him, but I was surprised by a phone call from doctor Ahmed Amer telling me of his death. The news was like a thunderbolt, especially for his pregnant wife in her first months and grandmother.”

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