With the resumption of air traffic on the first of July, know the conditions for boarding the plane


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Sunday 14 June 2020 – 7:35 PM
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Sunday 14 June 2020 – 7:35 PM

Pilot Mohamed Manar Anabah, Minister of Civil Aviation, said that all airports will be gradually returned from the beginning of next July, expressing thanks and appreciation to the political leadership for their continuous support to the aviation sector.

He indicated during a press conference today, Sunday, that the ministry took advantage of the previous period; To raise the efficiency of all airports nationwide.

He explained that many measures have been taken that the traveler must take before boarding the plane; Where the traveler is obligated to sign a declaration at the airport of departure in the city from which he is coming to Egypt before receiving (boarding pass); Inbound travelers from countries where the World Health Organization has declared an outbreak of the Coronavirus are also obligated. Submit a recent test (pcr) no later than 48 hours before travel, and travelers are obliged to observe the safe distances between them in the queues and when boarding and getting off the plane.

The Minister of Aviation stated that the flight will be completely sterilized and disinfected every flight; In addition to compulsory wearing of masks inside the plane “passengers and hospitality groups”, and to provide dry meals and canned drinks only, while providing disinfectants, gloves and masks on the plane in a special bag for each traveler.

He emphasized that the distribution of any paper publications on board would be prohibited. As well as allocating places for people with chronic diseases who cannot wear the muzzle for long periods of time; Designate the last two rows of the plane to isolate passengers who may have symptoms; Allocating an independent toilet; Dedicate a member of the hospitality crew to serve them.

He said that there will be an obligation on the part of airports to conduct sterilization and disinfection operations with the commitment of airport staff to the rules of health safety, and the obligation to wear masks for all who are inside the airport,
And to adhere to the safe distances between people at the airport, and to measure the temperature of the traveler through the sterilization gates and all those present at the airport, and sterilize the baggage of passengers before placing them on the luggage belt.

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