Without a doctor … I know the difference between cold and corona


In light of an outbreak Corona VirusEveryone fears the symptoms of corona that are similar to the symptoms of a cold, especially in light of changing weather conditions, and some suffer from a severe cold role during this period, so they think it is Corona virus infection And, although the symptoms are very similar, only that Corona symptoms Be more severe on the patient and do not respond to cold medications and worsen the patient’s condition if he does not take nutritional supplements and vitamins and follow the treatment protocol that doctors do in Isolation hospitals With Corona patients.

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How to distinguish between cold and corona?

A common question has been going on in the minds of many recently, as a result of the similarity of symptoms, but there are clear differences appearing on a corona patient that may not be affected by a person with a large cold .. Here are the most prominent differences according to healthline:

1- Of the most prominent Corona symptoms Frighteningly, the body temperature reaches fever, and the temperature may reach 40 degrees, while a person with a cold may not reach this temperature except in a few cases and respond to heat medications.

2- An infected Corona can not taste and smell significantly, and despite the presence of the same symptom for the person with a cold, in the case of corona infection this feeling continues for days without succession

3- Painfully persistent headaches Corona symptoms , And the person with a cold may improve with some simple medications and warm drinks
4- Sore throat Corona is a common factor between cold and cold, but it is more severe and stronger in people with corona, and does not go away quickly. As for a cold patient, he can overcome sore throats with warm, continuous drinks.

5- Difficulty breathing and chest pain are among the most prominent symptoms of corona, which is that the person with a cold suffers only a small percentage.


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