Wydad is looking for his rights in the African Super Cup and the World Cup clubs after the decision of the “Alcas” court


Moroccan press reports stated that Wydad Casablanca will begin a journey to search for its rights in the Club and Super African Cups, if it receives a ruling in its favor against the Tunisian Esperance for the CAF Champions League final in 2019.

Le 360 ​​Sport Moroccan said: “In the conflict between Wydad and Esperance, if the International Sports Court determines that Wydad is not withdrawing from the final match against Esperance at Rades, he can return to the African title, in addition to many related advantages.”

According to one of the official lawyers, the report indicated that the decision of the International Sports Court will not be decided on the inability of Esperance to the African Championship, but rather the decision will be based on the fact that Wydad withdrew from the final match or not only, and from here, things may turn in favor of the Moroccan team.

The lawyer indicated that, according to the decision of the sports court, Wydad would then be able to submit the ruling to the Confederation of African Football (CAF) in order to cancel his previous decision regarding the announcement of Esperance crowning the CAF Champions League.

The report added: “Wydad will give another blow by asking CAF to reward the Champions League winner, as well as the one that Esperance received for its participation in the Club World Cup and the African Super.”

Finally, regarding the possibility of returning the African Super Cup between Esperance and Zamalek, the lawyer consulted by the Moroccan newspaper refused to comment on this scenario, because Zamalek, who won the title, is not part of the dispute between Wydad and Esperance.


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