Yalla Koura interviews Salah’s first coach in Europe.


A former Basel technical coach, Haikou Vogel, spoke at the time of Mohamed Salah’s joining the team about how to contract with the Egyptian pavilion and bring him to Europe from Arab contractors, and his opinion on the player.

Yalla Koura had a conversation with the first coach who led Mohamed Salah in Europe to inform us about his first impressions about Salah and how he developed into one of the best players in the world.

Here are the details of the interview:

How did Mohamed Salah’s name appear as a goal for the Basel Club?

The sports director of the club, George Hitz, came to me with a CD of Muhammad Salah, and after watching a number of clips we were stunned by him, and we decided at this moment that we should contract with this player to join Basel.

Did you have initial ideas about the Egyptian players before hiring Salah?

No. Mohamed was the first Egyptian player to make me in direct contact with Egyptian football, but of course I know some players like Hany Ramzy who played in Bundesliga.

How did you follow the Basel Mohamed Salah Scout while there were no local activities in Egypt?

The call came through his agent, and he gave us the CD that contained clips of Mohamed Salah, then we became convinced of the “Mo Mo” level during the testing period he had with us.

Can you explain your thoughts about Mohamed Salah after he joined Basel during the preparation period?

Mo Mo was an amazing victory for Basel and the Swiss league, and for me as artistic director it was a great honor and pride to work with him, he had amazing talent in all regions, but the most impressive was his human level, he wanted to learn German immediately after his arrival in order to integrate better, I always remember his openness and passion.

And what did Salah need to develop in the beginning of his time with Basel?

He had all the skills a global player needed, I just think he needed the time and confidence to go, and everything was going to happen automatically, and with time a lot of talent emerged.

What is the most important advice you gave to Salah?

I didn’t give him specific advice, only gave him confidence, and Momo replied everything quickly.

I know you were far from Basel, but what did you think of when Mohamed Salah moved to Chelsea?

In my opinion this move came a little early, Momo proved his abilities in the Swiss League and the European League, but what he missed at this time was that he had not yet completed maturity, and this is something more difficult, and in the end, Momo passed a small turn to climb as a player Great after that.

With the current success in Liverpool, and rumors about the transfer to Real Madrid, what is the best decision for him?

Momo knows the best thing for him, which is why in the end he will make the right decision, Liverpool and Real Madrid are great clubs, and with Jurgen Klopp or Zinedine Zidane he guarantees working with a senior coach.

Now Mohamed Salah has completed a decade as a professional, do you think he has a chance in the future to win the Golden Ball?

I would be really happy for him if he did it, because he really deserved it.


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