Yamai’s groom .. On the anniversary of Nabila Al Sayed’s death, the story of her tragic death


Today, Tuesday, June 30, commemorates the departure The artist Nabila Al-Sayed, Born on August 7, 1938 and deported on this day in 1986, At the age of 48.

I was born Noble mrOn August 7, 1938, in the Al-Shawareb neighborhood, branching from Mohamed Ali Street, where worlds and talent-making machine owners, playlists, and wedding performers were present, her father was one of them. He is a wedding entrepreneur who owns a store that sells musical instruments.

The late artist shined in comedy roles, and gained popularity through her simplicity in performance, as she was following the approach of her colleague “Widad Hamdi”, where “Nabila” embodied the same roles that were presented by “Widad”, in addition to the role of the scientist and then the wife and mother.

Nabila El-Sayed started her artistic work through the band “An Hour for Your Heart” in the fifties, and then she moved between several theatrical groups after obtaining the diploma of the Higher Institute of Acting.

The late artist is the most prominent person who embodied the role of the spinster, the scientist and the servant in artistic works, not only this but also presented many important roles in the most famous films through her short artistic journey.

Among the most prominent roles that were suspended in the minds of the audience, is her role in the movie “Searching for a scandal”, with the leader Adel Imam and Samir Sabri .. We cannot forget her famous sentences in the film: “Tkhah, but you don’t die, Bouwoui, and the groom oh Bouwouy” .. Although she made her fans laugh over the course of her career, her life ended in gloom, after a journey suffering from cancer.

She suffered from cancer late in her days, to leave on June 30, 1986, at the age of 48, leaving behind a great void that no one could fill and embody those characters that excelled in.


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