Yasmine Sabry raises the controversy because of the price of her watch, with her latest look


05:56 PM

Tuesday 02 June 2020

I wrote – Noor Ibrahim:

The star Yasmine Sabry always raises the controversy with her looks and distinctive outfits, which appear in every photo she publishes.

Among the images that sparked the controversy was a photo that I published today through her official account on the Instagram site where she appeared wearing a watch, and then Facebook activists circulated it, and they noticed that she is from the world famous brand “Audemars Piguet”, a brand that specializes in the manufacture of watches in white gold studded with diamonds.

Yasmine chose “Royal oak offshore selfwinding chronograph” model from “Audemars Piguet”, which cost $ 27,170 USD, equivalent to 435 thousand Egyptian pounds.

It is reported that Yasmine always appears with fashion and accessories from very famous international brands, which always draws attention to her and exposes her to attack on social media.


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