Yasmine Sabry’s watch, in its latest look, attracts attention … its price is expensive and these are its specifications!


The interest of social media pioneers increases with the Egyptian artist Yasmine Sabry, day after day, amid constant monitoring of her various appearances, which receive great interaction from her fans and fans.

Yasmine Sabry posted on her Twitter account a new photo of her in which she only showed her head and hand, as she was driving her car and her glass was closed, and she was decorated in her left hand with a distinctive clock.

The audience of Yasmine paid attention to the watch, and some of them searched for its price until they reached the high and shocking price as well, as it was estimated at 29 thousand and 300 dollars, equivalent to half a million Egyptian pounds.

Details of the expensive watch appeared on the circulated image, as it was from Audemars Piguet, a jewelery and watch house, made of “stainless steel” and known as stainless steel. The watch looked set with diamonds and white gold.



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