Yemen’s parliament calls for international action .. “One-fifth of Houthi is a criminal act”


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The repercussions of the Houthi militias militia movement, to pass a racist law, still allow its group to plunder the so-called The five Among the wealth of Yemen in the areas under its control, cast a shadow over the country.

Today, Saturday, the Yemeni parliament announced that what the Houthi coup militia did Withholding 20% Of all the revenues and natural resources of the Yemeni people, it is a systematic racist behavior and humiliation for the Yemeni people and a flagrant violation of all international covenants, foremost of which is the United Nations Charter and the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Ethnic Discrimination.

In a statement published by the Yemeni News Agency (Saba), he called on the United Nations, its special envoy, permanent members and the rest of the active and interested countries in the Yemeni affairs and all international human rights organizations to work with the Yemeni people and its constitutional legitimacy to end the coup, and the racist practices of this group.

He also added, “The House of Representatives prepares everything issued by that group and with any name that was non-worthless and criminal and deserves criminal punishment because what it is doing is an abominable racist act, which is only intended to complete the last episodes of the coup against the revolution, the republic, democracy, principles of human justice and citizenship. Equal. “

Urgent action

He also invited the Secretary-General of the United Nations and its Special Envoy for Yemen Martin Griffiths to do their utmost urgently to stop messing with these militias, criminalizing this racist behavior, condemning all militia crimes against the Yemenis, and pressuring them to implement international resolutions and delinquency to a peace option based on national references and international resolutions related to.”.

Houthi elements - France Press
Houthi elements – France Press

Void in Islamic law and constitution

In the same context, the Association of Yemeni Scholars considered that the so-called Zakat Law Regulation issued by the Houthi revolutionary militia is null and void due to its lack of legitimacy and its issuance by a coup and rebel party to the legitimate constitutional institutions of the Yemeni state.

She also added that the list clashes with the provisions of the effective Yemeni constitution and the Yemeni laws emanating from constitutional institutions, stressing that it is an excuse to plunder the money of the Yemeni people by 20% of the ore and minerals and the resources of the Yemeni state and others under the name of the five.

In addition, it considered it part of the militias revolutionary policies to bulldoze the Yemeni identity, foremost among which is the legislation and laws in force.

Sanaa - France Press
Sanaa – France Press

Five Houthi

It is noteworthy that the new Houthi law provides for the extraction of one-fifth of oil, minerals, gold, fish, animal products and honey, and from agricultural crops, commercial profits, livestock and other revenues for citizens and companies, and allocating them for the benefit of some Houthi families, which guarantees the supply of the proportion of those funds in favor of the militia leadership and symbols , In a move by the rebels to plunder these funds.

Houthi militias are seeking, through this racist law, to give religious and legal legitimacy to the “levies” they impose on Yemenis to provide financial resources to finance the war they are fighting.

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