Youssef El-Sharif: I place clauses in my artwork contracts to refuse to come into contact with women


Amr Mohammed

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Saturday 27 June 2020 – 12:58 am
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Saturday 27 June 2020 – 12:58 am

The artist Youssef Al-Sharif responded to the question posed by a number of social media users regarding his refusal to come into contact with women in his artwork, commenting on the controversy raised by a number of social media users about the scene he presented in the 20th episode of the end series that was shown last Ramadan .

Al-Sharif said in a meeting on the DMC evening program, broadcast on DMC satellite channel, Friday: “In the scene, Zain was beaten with fire, and it was assumed that he was moving and running with him, but she carried him in Arabic without touching him,” stressing that he had placed restrictions on himself with regard to dealing with Colleagues with his artwork.

He added: “The truth is that I put many restrictions on myself, but they are from a very long time, from about ten years after the presentation of the movie” Opening Your Eyes “, and this is known about me, and I think it is personal freedom, especially since I do not harm anyone.

He continued: “Yes, I resorted to placing these restrictions in the terms of my artwork contracts before I signed them, in order to avoid any disagreements after the start of filming the work, and I do not deny that these restrictions hindered my artistic career, but the most important thing is to please God Almighty.”


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