Zaki Abdel-Fattah confirms the Super Kora unilateral: Al-Ahly negotiated Bradley to succeed Filer and the American apologized


Zaki Abdel-Fattah, a Los Angeles goalkeeper coach, confirmed the validity of the negotiations, which were attended by Al-Ahly club officials headed by Mahmoud Al-Khatib with former coach of the Pharaohs Bob Bradley to take over the technical responsibility of the red giant in anticipation of the departure of Swiss Rene Fyler.

Al-Ahly Club, headed by Mahmoud Al-Khatib, began searching for a new technical director for the first soccer team in the coming period in anticipation of the departure of Swiss Rene Vyler during the coming period.

Today, Friday, Renee Fyler will leave for Hurghada, heading to Munich, Germany, and then to Switzerland to spend the vacation period for about two weeks, which may last until the end of the month, especially since he did not get leave from the team for nearly months, to return to Egypt after that to resolve his future from renewal with the soccer team the first.

And the offers over the last period fell on the Swiss coach Rene Weiler after the strong offers that he presented with Al-Ahly club, which contributed to the state of tension experienced by the Al-Ahly management during the current period due to the uncertainty of his stay or departure.

And “Super Koura” entered the Al-Ahly club with a number of coaches at their head to assume the official mission of the technical staff of the American Al-Ahly club, Bob Bradley, the former coach of Egypt, who took over in 2012-2013 in a report entitled “Al-Ahly begins searching for an alternative to Fyler in anticipation of the departure.” Bob Bradley is a strong candidate. “

The American Bob Bradley is currently leading the Los Angeles team, accompanied by the coach of the intelligent guards, Abdel Fattah, who previously led the Pharaohs duo in the Kumasi scandal in the World Cup qualifiers.

Zaki Abdul-Fattah, whom we contacted by phone from the United States of America during the past few days, took over to assume the technical task of the Red Genie.

Zaki Abdel-Fattah said in exclusive statements to “Super Koura”: “We received calls, but the American coach apologized for leaving the American Los Angeles team, which is linked to him with a contract that extends for two seasons.”

The Los Angeles Guards coach added: “Bradley has enough respect for his contracts with clubs and teams. We have a clear example when he was a coach for the Pharaohs, he received two offers, the first from the Irish team and the second from Aston Villa, and the time of their refusal to respect him for the signed contract with the Egyptian team despite the difficult circumstances he lived on Background to the Port Said events.

Abdel-Fattah said that Bradley believes in his current project to build an American team that can compete with the largest clubs in Europe, stressing that they currently have Uruguayan players who received two offers from AC Milan and Fiorentina Italians for $ 18 million and are 21 years old, and the offers were rejected by the management in addition to players Others are ravaged by offers from other European clubs, but the decision is to build a team capable of making the achievements that the club is looking for in the coming years.

Zaki Abdel-Fattah continued that Bob Bradley has a strong relationship with Mahmoud Al-Khatib and he respects him very much and that he (the American coach) will train in Egypt only the Al-Ahly Club, which he sees as the best in Africa and who has historical achievements, indicating that he had previously refused to lead Zamalek.

Al-Ahly fears the scenario of Manuel Jose’s scenario in the first state after the departure as a result of the events that the country experienced, in addition to Rene Fyler postponing the issue of the team’s renewal during the last period and his insistence on traveling to his country first before resolving his fate to consult with his family about his future.

American Bob Bradley confirmed that he is excited to return to training again after the stalled football activity returns to limit the spread of Corona virus, and Bradley said in TV statements a few days ago that the next matches will witness the absence of fans in the American League, that players should set an example for the fans to maintain respect Different races and fighting racism.


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