Zamalek Club news: “Schubert and Mohamed Nasr defied” .. Effat Nassar makes 5 rocket statements


Sport 360 – Efat Nassar, star Zamalek Previously, he was surprised by the comparison of Mohamed Salah with Mahmoud El-Khatib or Mohamed Aboutrika.

“There is no comparison between Al-Khatib and Abu Trika and Muhammad Salah, the latter in another place,” Nassar said during televised comments.

He continued: “Hassan Shehata is the legend of Egypt and I see him in my view better than Mahmoud Al-Khatib, indicating that Al-Moallem was an integrated player.”

Nassar indicated that an official is still present in the Football Association’s main referees committee, who rejected his son’s papers as Zamalkawi.

Effat Nassar: Shehata is better than Al-Khatib and they refused to test my son because of his Zamalekite

Nassar explained: “My son submitted to the rulers tests, and after presenting his papers, they asked him about his inclinations, and he informed you that he encouraged Zamalek, so he was rejected. ”

He continued: “The strange thing is that the official himself when he asked a son’s colleague about his inclinations and informed him of his affiliation For my family He immediately accepted his papers. ”

Nassar challenged the journalist Ahmed Shoubi to receive 10% of the total votes of the Egyptian Football Association presidency.

He added: “Schubert said I will achieve 70% of the vote and I challenge if he only achieved 10%.”

And he ended his statements regarding the elections: “There is no comparison between Hani Aburaida and Showbir, and I expect a sweeping success for Aburaida in the presidential elections during the next round of elections.”

Nassar recounted the fact that the white club’s coronation ceremonies in 1994 were not broadcast, which the team achieved at the expense of Al-Ahly.

He said: “The director Mohamed Nasr, who is known for his affiliation with Al-Ahly, performed festive songs for the Red Club before the match started, and it is strange that he broadcast it after Zamalek won the title.”

And he ended his remarks: “The fans of Zamalek were surprised to stop broadcasting after the end of the match whistle was sounded without broadcasting the ceremonies of our title, but rather the strange thing was that songs were broadcast on Al-Ahly club.”

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