Zamalek: We experienced magic in the Congo and Morocco


Zamalek board member Hamada Anwar stated that the team faces magic in a number of African countries in which it has played, but most of them are Congo and Morocco.

Anwar said in his statements to Al-Hadath Al-Youm satellite channel: “Zamalek makes a great effort in traveling and preparing for the convenience of the players, but sometimes we suffer from magic in some travel, and most of that is in the Congo and Morocco.”

He continued: “The most game where I felt the magic is a 5-1 match, this thing is not normal, but we always deal with the situation and gain experiences from every trip in order to overcome these matters.”

He added: “We always rely on reading the Qur’an and not using the foods of the country in which we play, and we check the integrity of the water we drink, and sprinkle the earth with water and salt every time we feel the presence of magic.”

He continued: “Sometimes we refuse to enter the locker rooms, and sometimes we enter the rooms and we find changing things or water lying on the ground.”

Board member Hani Zadeh spoke about the same thing: “We played a match in the Congo against his team named Sanja in the club, and we found eggshells on the ground, and dollar coins, and in this match two goals were canceled for the team.”


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