“Zero injuries” in the last stage of Corona Premier’s tests



The English Premier League has announced that no new cases of infection were detected in the sixth and final stage of the emerging corona virus test “Covid-19”, this Saturday evening.

The sixth stage of Coruna exams for Premier League players and club teams was conducted on Thursday 4 June and Friday 5 June, and 1,195 people were tested, and no positive cases were established.

This became the second time that no new cases of coronavirus were recorded, with the total positive cases standing at only 13 out of 6,244 people examined.

The Premier League competition will resume on June 17, after a 100-day pause in the outbreak of the new Corona virus, and all confrontations will be fought without a public presence.

Results of all stages of Corona tests in Premier League:

The first round May 17-18: 748 people were tested, with 6 positive cases from three clubs.

Second round May 19-22: 996 people were tested, with two positive cases from two clubs.

Third round May 25-26: 1,008 people were tested, with 4 positive cases from two clubs.

Fourth round May 28-29: 1130 people were tested, with no new cases.

Fifth round 1 and 2 June: 1,197 people were tested, with one positive case discovered.

Sixth and final round 4 and 5 June: 1,195 people were tested, with no new cases.


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