117 pounds an increase .. a jump in gold prices in Egypt in the first half of a


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Tuesday 30 June 2020

Books – Mostafa Eid:

The first half of this year witnessed a jump in gold prices in Egypt by 17.2%, as the price per gram of 21 karat increased by about 117 pounds.

This brought the price of a gram of 21 carat gold during trading today to 769 pounds, the price of a 18 carat gram to about 682 pounds, and the price of a gram of 24 carat to about 910 pounds, and the price of gold recorded 6152 pounds.

This jump is mainly due to the rise in the international price of gold, as it increased by 16.8% since the beginning of this year, so the price of an ounce jumped by about $ 255.4 and reached $ 1772.6, in the latest Bloomberg data.

The local gold prices were also affected by the slight rise in the exchange rate during the first half of this year by about 9 piasters, or 0.6%, to reach the price of the dollar to 16.08 pounds for purchase, and 16.18 pounds for sale.

The first half of 2020, especially the last month of it, witnessed the registration of gold prices in Egypt, new historical levels, as the price of 24 gram per gram broke the 900 pounds barrier for the first time, along with the 21 gram gram price reaching 800 pounds for the first time as well.

Masrawy monitors the development of gold prices in Egypt for the 21-gram gram on a monthly basis during the first half of this year through the following interactive graph:

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