13 information about Taher Mohamed Taher .. trained under the leadership of Bradley and has a close relationship with the former Al-Ahly star


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The board of directors of Al-Ahly Club, headed by Mahmoud Al-Khatib, announced, on Tuesday, that an official agreement has been reached with Arab contractor officials regarding the contracting with team winger Taher Muhammad Taher in the summer transfer season.

We review through the following lines the most important information about “Taher” before wearing the Ahly shirt

1- Taher Mohamed Taher, born on the seventh of March of 1997, in Cairo, and started his football career in the ranks of buds with Arab contractors, when he was eight years old.

2- Taher escalated the first team of the Mountain Wolves team during the 2014-2015 season, and he went out for a season on loan in France with Le Havre before returning to the yellow club ranks.

3- Syed Al-Saqqa, a former star of Dina’s farmer, is one of the discoverers of Taher Muhammad Taher’s talent, after he joined him to the ranks of contractors at a young age.

4- Taher has contributed to 20 goals during his career with the contractors in the League and Cup championships, with 11 goals and 9 goals.

5- Last season 2018-2019 is the best for Tahir at all in the language of numbers, as he contributed to 9 goals with the Qawalun scoring 3 goals and 6 industry.

6- Although he was the best in terms of scoring and making goals in the mountain wolves ranks, he achieved a negative number as he was among the trio who received the red card in the competition, as he won twice the condition of the duo on Jabr, Pyramids defender, and Mohammed Abdul Ghani, defender Zamalek, and Taher received the red card during the matches of Enppi and Ismaili.

7- Taher Mohamed Taher was his dream to play in La Liga competitions, since his childhood, where he emphasized in more than one previous statement his passion for LaLiga and his desire to participate in its competitions.

8- Taher has a close relationship with Mohamed Fadl, the star and top scorer of Al-Ahly, Ismaili and the former Egypt team, and a member of the five-member committee that manages the current Egyptian Football Association, according to statements he made on the Echo Channel country with the media Hani Hathout.

9 – Taher is fluent in the French language, where he studied in the schools of French nuns, and his mastery of the language caused him to enter into an argument with one of the players of the Tunisian national team during a friendly match for the Egyptian Olympic team, where Taher confirmed that he clashed with the competing player because of his abuse of him in French.

10- Taher trained under the leadership of the American Bob Bradley during his professional career at Le Havre Club, as the player preferred to go through the experience because of his good knowledge of the former coach of the first team of Egypt.

11- Taher always prefers wearing the number 7, as he wore the shirt bearing this number in the ranks of the Egyptian junior team, as well as the Olympic team, and carried the shirt «77» with the contractors in its beginnings.

12- Taher Muhammad Taher participates in the center of the left wing and sometimes plays as a right wing as well.

13 – The injury deprived Taher Mohamed Taher of participating in the nations of Africa under the 23 years that culminated in the Egyptian Olympic team and qualified after her embrace of the Tokyo Games.

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