14%, starting tomorrow, the official newspaper publishes Al-Sisi’s decision to increase pensions


The first article

Pensions shall be increased by 14%, starting from 1/7/2020, pensions due before this date and determined according to the provisions of the following laws:

Law No. 71 of 1964 regarding the granting of exceptional pensions and bonuses

The Social Security and Pensions Law promulgated by Law No. 148 of 2019

The following provisions shall apply to this increase:

A / The pension on the basis of which the increase is calculated means the total pension due to the pensioner and the increases added to it until 6/30/2020, taking into account the provisions of Law No. 25 of 2020 referred to.

B / The increase due to the pensioner is related to 14% or what completes the total due to him from the minimum pension, benefits and increases stipulated in the last paragraph of Article 24 of the Social Security and Pensions Law referred to, whichever is greater and the value of the increase does not exceed its percentage to the maximum monthly subscription wage On 6/30/2020.

C / The disability benefit stipulated in the last reading of Article 35 of the Social Security and Pensions Law referred to is not considered part of the pension on the basis of which the increase is calculated.

D / This increase applies to the partial injury injury disability pension that did not lead to the termination of service, as well as the exceptional partial injury injury pension, provided that the increase in the value of the pension is calculated on 30/6/2020 without applying the provisions of the last paragraph of Article 24 of the Social Security and Pensions Law.

E / This increase shall apply to the exceptional partial injury injury, provided that the increase is calculated from the value of the pension on 6/30/2020?

And the increase due shall be distributed in proportion to the pension paid to them on 7/1/2020.

And start Ministry of Solidarity Social tomorrow, Wednesday, disbursement of July pensions and the first batch of financial differences due from Special bonuses, Where Nevin Al-Kabbaj, Minister of Social Solidarity, announced the availability of all pension payments for cards issued by the National Social Insurance Authority from ATMs, as of tomorrow morning, Wednesday, the first of July.

The first installment of the financial differences due from the special allowances to be disbursed in equal quarterly installments commencing from the beginning of July 2020.

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