2945 new cases of corona virus recovered


Source: Arabic.net

The Saudi Ministry of Health announced today, Friday, that it recorded 4193 new infections with the new virus that causes the “Covid 19” disease, while 2945 additional recovery cases and 50 new deaths were recorded.

According to the Health Statistics, the cumulative total number of cases since the first case appeared in the Kingdom is 201,801 cases, of which 59,385 active cases are still receiving the necessary health care, most of which are reassuring, of which 2,291 are critical cases, while the total recovery cases reached 140,614 cases, while the death toll rose To 1802 deaths.

While the ministry had announced yesterday, Thursday, that the total number of injuries in Saudi Arabia rose to 197,608, of which 58,184 were active cases, including 2,287 cases in intensive care.

The number of examinations conducted by the health authorities in Saudi Arabia reached one million and 727 thousand and 701 examinations, an increase of 53,214 from yesterday, Wednesday.

Also 4909 new recovery cases were recorded from Corona in Saudi Arabia, bringing the total recovery cases to 137,669.

On the other hand, 54 cases of coronavirus death were recorded in Saudi Arabia, bringing the number of deaths to 1752.

Ministry of Health spokesman Mohamed Al-Abdulali stressed that “one of the new habits is that everyone should make the maximum number of gatherings 50 people, and take into account the area,” advising people “to avoid going to gatherings when you feel any symptoms” of the disease.

He also stressed that “the rate of recovery in the Kingdom is excellent, and it is among the countries with the highest records of recovery cases.”

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