40 thousand pounds as a maximum .. The Insurance Federation announces the date of payment of compensation for those affected by the oil pipeline fire


Ibrahim Labib, Chairman of the Automobile Committee of the Egyptian Insurance Federation, announced the date of payment of compensation to those affected bIsmailia Oil Accident, Pointing out that the state and insurance will not hold back the citizens under any circumstances.
The head of the Automobile Committee of the Egyptian Federation saidTo secureIn a phone call to “Sabah Al-Balad” program broadcast on “Echo Al-Balad” channel, everyone who has insurance documents on the car will pay the insurance and compensation for it immediately after completing the investigations of the prosecution that is still ongoing.

He added that there will be insurance coverage according to the investigations of the prosecution, according to the results of the investigations, stressing that there are multiple procedures and means of insurance that differ depending on the cause of the accident.

He explained that every victim must write a police report and follow the investigations, and after all the required procedures and documents have been fulfilled, after which the compensation compensation date is determined according to the value of the insurance coverage in the insurance policy or the market value of the car, whichever is less.

He noted that compensation will be disbursed upon the issuance of the official records, which the customer provides a copy of to the insurance company contracted with, and this is done in the form of a notification, after which the company representative performs a review and upon completion of the required documents, the date of payment is determined.

He added that in the event that any people affected by the accident are trapped, whether by injury or death due to the fire inside the car, compensation will be paid to them and their families from the unknown accident fund according to the legal controls and a maximum of 40 thousand pounds, after submitting all the required documents.

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