5 information you do not know about the Emirati mission of hope before its launch today to Mars


The United Arab Emirates is preparing to send the probe of hope to Mars, and if successful it will become the first Arab country to send a mission to the Red Planet, as the mission focuses on understanding the weather and atmosphere of Mars, and despite the many interests previously concerned with the weather, however, “Hope” will follow a new and more comprehensive approach According to the American “Space” website, the United Arab Emirates hopes that the mission will help scientists around the world understand how the weather on the Red Planet changes throughout the day and between the seasons of Mars, as well as how our neighboring world loses its atmosphere, and here we monitor some important information about this The journey for the Red Planet.


1- Hope is the first mission of the UAE outside the Earth’s orbit

The United Arab Emirates is still new to space travel, as it participated for the first time in launching a satellite in 2009 with a South Korean company, and the first local satellite was launched in the country, a Earth observation mission called Khalifa Sat, in 2018, and it is the mission of hope It is its first for another planet, as the United Arab Emirates has partnered with three American universities hosting faculty with experience in working on the Mars spacecraft.

2- The task should be fast and cheap

The mission of hope, also called the Emirates Mission to Mars, was announced for the first time in 2014 as a way to stimulate economic and technological development, and the mission came with several conditions: Although the project would rely on partnerships, the team needed to build the spacecraft and not just buy it , Which is required to reach Mars before December 2021.

And when the United Arab Emirates celebrates its fiftieth anniversary, the launch deadline will be due to the difficult orbital alignment, so it must be fast from planning until launch, as well as inexpensive as the spacecraft and its launch cost $ 200 million, according to the United Arab Emirates, although This number does not include the costs of operating the mission in space.

3- Emirates is the fifth entity to visit Mars

Only four entities have now succeeded in visiting Mars: NASA, Russia, the European Space Agency and India, and if all goes well, the UAE will join that unit, but the country may not end up being the fifth visitor to Mars because China is also launching the first mission It has on Mars this summer while orbits are aligned.

Neither mission has yet announced when it will specifically reach the Red Planet, although both will be on the right path early in 2021.

4- The probe of hope has 3 tools

The Hope Probe, which is roughly the size of an SUV, carries three instruments, the first perhaps being an imaging device, which will capture images in optical and ultraviolet light, and the other two are a spectroscope that divides light into specific wavelengths present, one working on ultraviolet radiation and the other on Infrared light, and the three tools will allow to study the thin and carbon dioxide atmosphere of Mars.

5- Hope will have a unique orbit on Mars

The Hope Probe will use a unique tactic to collect its scientific data, and it will be in orbit around Mars that had not been taken by a probe before, as every 55 hours, it will complete a ring around the planet’s equator, flying at an altitude of 12,000 to 27,000 miles above the surface of Mars.


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