5 movies that take you to Italy while you are at home


Have you ever dreamed of traveling to Italy, wandering in its antique streets, and strolling among its sights with the experience of its famous food, sundae and pastries? You may not be able to visit Italy now, but we recommend 5 films for you, as a virtual trip to the country rich in culture and art, where you can enjoy the breathtaking beauty of Italy while you are at home.

Roman holiday

The American film “Roman Holiday” – produced in 1953 – takes you to the Italian capital, Rome, through the eyes of a visitor who is footing for the first time, and it reflects to you on the screen feelings of fascination, love of adventure and discovery.

The film, starring British actress Audrey Hepburn and American actor Gregory Peck, made the Italian Vespa bike widely known around the world.

The story of “Roman Vacation” is about Joe Bradley, the American journalist who works in Rome, and has an emotional relationship with Princess Anne, who aspires to evade her royal duties after arriving in Rome, which was one of the stops of her European tour.

One of the reasons you will love this movie is to navigate through the chaotic streets of Rome using Vespa, which is part of the film’s genius, especially its viewership of the Italian song “Via Con Me”, which means in Arabic: “This is awesome.”

Not Dolce Vita

The movie “La Dolce Vita” or “Sweet Life” (1960’s production) contains one of the most famous scenes of world cinema, when the heroine of the movie Anita Eckberg enters the Trevi Fountain, in which the Italian city of Rome is famous.

Filmmakers describe this scene as one of the icons of world cinema, and it was a motivation for tourists to discover the exciting history of Rome and its distinct fields and fountains.

The movie “La Dolce Vita” is directed by Italian director Federico Fellini, starring Italians Marcelo Mastroiani and Anita Eckberg. It revolves around Marcelo Roubini, a journalist who writes for gossip magazines, and tries to search for the joys of life during a week in Rome.

The fountain scene in the movie “La Dolce Vita” is one of the icons of the global cinema (networking sites)

Room with a view

The British movie “Room with a View”, which was produced in 1985, makes you fall in love with the Italian city of Florence, where many scenes were filmed along the Arno River and in the Piazza della Signoria, which is one of the most important tourist attractions in the city, and also takes you to the character The Romantic of Italian Life.

The film, starring British actors Helena Bonham Carter, Maggie Smith and Daniel de Lewis, and his name and story are inspired by a novel by author Edward Morgan Forster, in which he tells “a story with a view” about a young British aristocratic woman, who experiences a different way of life in Italy that liberates and inspires it, It is played by Lucy Hoonichurch.

The film – which also carries an attack on the British caste system – begins with Charlotte Bartlett and Lucy Haneichurch, who find themselves in hotel rooms that do not have scenic views of Florence, especially the Anwar River, and they are distressed, so their host Mr. Emerson and his son are forced to switch rooms with them and correct the situation For the sake of their comfort, Lucy’s life will change forever after meeting the Emerson family.

Paradiso Cinema

The film reviews the life style of the poor in the countryside of Sicily in the middle of the twentieth century, specifically in the few years after the Second World War, and is characterized by a passionate and nostalgic approach to memories and childhood.

The film is written and directed by Italian Giuseppe Tournatori, and it was filmed in Pagria, Sicily, which is the birthplace of Tournatori, as well as in the city of Cefal تش, on the Tyrrhenian Sea.

The film is about Salvatore de Vita, a successful filmmaker living in Rome, who begins to recall the memories of his youth and childhood in Sicily as soon as he hears the news of the death of his childhood guide, and his old friend Alfredo who was working on the projector at the local Paradiso cinema in his city, which was the most important place in his life.

“Cinema Paradiso” is a model for the intertwining feelings of comedy and nostalgia, a work that documents the history of cinema and a space that many have sought to flee from reality, and the film starring the French, Jacques Perrin and Philippe Noyer, and is classified as one of the classics of world cinema.


The Italian movie El Postino (Postman), produced in 1994, shows the rural charm of the lives of the people of the Mediterranean region, as it was filmed in the Gulf of Naples on the island of Procida, where the quiet life to this day.

In the film, we live the slow-paced life of the islanders, their connection to their local restaurants, where the cinematic work transports you and kills you to visit them. His story revolves around Mario, the humble hunter who falls in love with Beatrice, and when the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda is exiled to the island Mario becomes his personal postman, friendship develops between the two men and Mario learns poetry and expressing his feelings for Beatrice.

The film was directed by Michael Radford, written and starred by Italian Massimo Troizi.


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