7 people were drowned in Al-Nakhil Beach in Alexandria


He said A security source At the first police station in Amiriyah, seven people, including two women, were killed by drowning at dawn today at Palm Beach, after they infiltrated into a closed beach in the Nakheel area. West of Alexandria.

The source added to echo the country, that the cases were transferred to a number of hospitals at the governorate level after All of them could not be transferred to Al-Amereya Hospital because there are no places inside the hospital.

He pointed out that Forces The rescue is combing the beach to find other bodies inside the beach.

The Alexandria Security Directorate had received a notification from the Amiriya Police Department, the first reports of the presence of the shipwrecked on the palm beach west of Alexandria, and the arrival of individuals and groups to the beach at dawn today.

The security forces, river rescue and ambulance, and the central administration for tourism and resorts headed to the beach.

Major General Jamal Rashad, head of the Central Administration for Tourism and Resorts in Alexandria, told Echo Al-Balad that the city’s 63 beaches have been closed since March 19, based on the decision of the Prime Minister and the Governor of Alexandria.

He added that there are a number of citizens still defrauding On decisions at different times, and that all cases of drowning were at dawn today at a time when there are no employees on the beaches.

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