“A country that shows us the new lethality of Corona” … a German scientist talks about the date of the second wave!


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The next wave of Corona outbreaks will hit the northern hemisphere next fall, said the German virologist and director of the Institute for HIV Research at the University of Bonn Hendrik Strech.

He told Novosti that if we look at the situation in Australia, then perhaps we will understand how to deal with the virus, as this country is just passing through the winter period so we see activity for the virus and pointed out that a few months ago, “there were very few cases in Australia and now the number is increasing sharply.” He added that “one of the reasons for this is the start of the winter months in Australia.”

He added that a new outbreak of COVID-19 coronavirus infection could occur in the autumn in the European part and that the usual respiratory diseases and coronaviruses previously known would show higher activity in the cold months, and there is reason to believe that the SARS-CoV-2 virus will also depend on the weather.

Asked if he expected a COVID-19 outbreak at the beginning of the fall, he said: “We don’t know for sure yet, but there are many statements that make us think about it.”

“Respiratory viruses spread more quickly when the temperatures are cold and the weather is dry or at high humidity, and it can be assumed that CoV-2 will act similarly,” he added.

Source: Novosti

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