A crime that rocked Russia .. A man kidnapped and killed a girl after raping her with the help of his wife


Russian police revealed that an eight-year-old Russian girl who escaped from her family’s home after an argument with her parents was raped and killed after a couple kidnapped her in their car.

According to the Daily Mail, more than 500 people volunteered to search for the missing girl, Vika Teplyakova, after she was last seen in video clips on a street surveillance camera, walking alone along the road.

The newspaper indicated that, the girl was trying to reach her friends in the town where her family lived.

The newspaper pointed out that the girl was missing three days before a 32-year-old woman reported to the police claiming that her husband and her little girl were in his car.

A Russian police source said that The man told his wife that he would “attack” the girl and rape her, but she did nothing and paused and watched her husband’s crime in silence because she was too afraid of him.

According to the wife’s confession, her husband raped the girl and strangled her with a plastic bag. Police said the girl died on Monday, the day she disappeared.

Law enforcement authorities stated that the woman revealed to the police the location of the girl’s body hidden near a lake.

The accused, Igor Dvornikov, initially denied the girl’s kidnapping, ill-treatment and murder, but later confessed to his heinous crime.

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