A cure from the last century gives hope for a cure from SK


This week saw more research into possible prevention acquired by using the BCG tuberculosis vaccine as a way to fight the emerging coronavirus, according to a channel website.CNN“.

The researchers found that countries where tuberculosis vaccine was administered to their citizens reported fewer deaths from Covid-19 infection.

While it does not mean that the vaccine somewhat reduces the risk of developing severe infection from corona, other research suggests that “BCG” may be able to boost people’s immunity in general, and may be against the Corona virus.

In turn, the World Health Organization warned against using the “BCG” vaccine for the purposes of preventing the emerging coronavirus until more is discovered.

Scientific teams around the world are studying the potential for the vaccine to help boost immunity to the Coronavirus.

Luis Escobar and his Virginia Polytechnic Institute team used data to explore whether countries that do not have a BCG vaccination program have higher mortality rates due to the Corona virus.

In order to make a fair comparison, Escobar and his team considered factors such as population density, healthcare access, and response to the Corona crisis.

The team found a strong correlation between tuberculosis vaccination and low mortality in similar European countries in terms of social conditions.

The team published in the Proceedings of the National Academy Sciences journal, medical information that every 10 percent increase in the BCG vaccine index, which reflects the degree of global vaccination against tuberculosis, was associated with a 10.4 percent decrease in corona infection rates.

In an interview with the American Network, Carolina Barrillas-Morey, a prominent researcher at the American National Institutes of Health, said, “What distinguishes our work is that we were very careful in removing the variables.”

“When we removed it, if this was not true, the link should disappear. Instead of the disappearance, the (link) became stronger and stronger (more clearly).”


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