A father kills his daughter, belt, after raising her voice while talking to him


A father stripped of all the feelings of fatherhood and humanity and killed his 11-year-old girl by severely beating him with a belt, and in the end he strangled her with him and left her in a state of unconsciousness.

According to the British newspaper, “Mirror”, the child lost her life at the hands of her father, who confessed to the crime in the investigations.

Hussein Alif, 38, recounted that he was surprised at the last minute that he was strangling his daughter, and he understood that he had killed his daughter after she lost her soul and did not pay attention to her help during the killing.

“Hussein”, in the investigations, indicated that he confessed to killing her, confirming that he was very emotional after raising her voice while talking to him, and affirmed that it is not her habit, and he was thinking that she would go out of his way; So he decided to expand it on the basis of a moral lesson.

The girl lost her life in her father’s hands after trying to escape, but failed because of the strength of her father’s intention.

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