A fiery comment from the Minister of Sports on the withdrawal of the clubs from the league


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Ashraf Sobhi, Minister of Youth and Sports, stated that the threat of some clubs to go to the FIFA, due to the decision to complete the season, that the same authority granted governments achieved an appreciation of the mechanism of the return of activity.

Ashraf Sobhi said in his statements to the channel, “On Time Sports”: “The Football Association gave us sufficient support to deal with these situations, and the International Federation, especially football, said that it leaves this matter to the governments and their appreciation.”

He continued: “The Union, the five-member committee managing the union, has a strong role, and we provide all support and try to create an opportunity for them to complete the activity.”

As for the conducting of surveys and precautionary measures, he said: “This is a positive thing, because some people did not adhere to the procedures and it turned out that there are positive cases and this is good to discover it early.”

He continued: “The injuries that emerged from conducting the surveys are like any other activity, and everyone will get the required treatment, and then he will return to be with his team.”


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