A “hoax” in Egyptian Trezeguet target Gabonese Aubameyang for insults (video)




Gabonese striker Pierre Emeric-Aubameyang was sharply criticized after his team Arsenal defeated Aston Villa (0-1) on Tuesday, in the 37th round of the English Premier League.

Egyptian striker Mahmoud Hassan Trezeguet scored the only winning goal for Aston Villa in the 27th minute of the first half of the match, after a corner kick and a pass from fellow defender Tyrone Minges.

Aubameyang’s behavior, just before scoring the only goal in the Arsenal goal, raised the ire of the London fans, after he was deceived by defender Minges, who spoke to him loosely a few moments before carrying out a corner, saying something to him that laughed, and then the Aston Villa player left him Suddenly, he played the ball head to the Egyptian pharaoh and scored the only winning goal for the hosts.

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Egyptian Trezeguet slams Arsenal and refreshes in front of Aston Villa with a wonderful goal (Video)

This footage that led to Arsenal’s defeat caused outrage by the “artillery” fans against Aubameyang, and their reactions carried offensive to their team’s goals.

Arsenal was subjected to a painful blow after this defeat, as it stopped its score at 53 points, and fell to the tenth position on the league table, to get out of the competition circle for the participation card on the European arena, through the league.

While Aston Villa raised its score after this win to 34 points, and advanced to seventeenth in the league table, to keep its hopes of remaining in the ranks of “Premier League” clubs.

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