A housewife caught trying to throw her daughter out of the tenth floor for failing high school exams


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Providence intervened to save a high school student, whose mother tried to throw her from the apartment’s balcony on the tenth floor because of her failure to take high school exams, but the neighbors heard her help and saved her.

Major General Sami Ghoneim, Director of Alexandria Security, received a notification from the Bab Sharki Police Department Commissioner, stating that a woman had been informed of the beating of her daughter and his attempt to throw her from the tenth floor. The girl was rescued from her hands.

Go to the site of the report, Lt. Col. Hossam Abdel-Moneim, head of the department’s investigation, and it became clear from the examination that the accused housewife is suffering from a mental illness, and that her daughter, a high school student, was beaten and tortured when she told her that she was unable to answer the exam on Thursday.

Police investigations concluded that the accused took advantage of the sleep of the neighbors and tried to throw her daughter from the tenth floor to get rid of them, during which the girl was heard distress, and immediately the girl was intervened and rescued, the accused was arrested, the necessary minutes were released and the case was referred to the Public Prosecution for the investigation.

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