A mine kills an Egyptian life in Kuwait .. Safan is following his dues and completing the procedures for burying him in his hometown


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The Minister of Manpower, Muhammad Sa`fan, is following up with the Ministry of Labor representation in the Egyptian embassy in Kuwait, the insurance dues of the deceased Ibrahim Ragab Mohamed Ibrahim, who died after an Audi landmine exploded with a life in Salmi, Kuwait, and communicating with his family to inform them of my sincere condolences, in coordination with the consulate to end the burial procedures in Muscat his head.

Haitham Saad El-Din, spokesperson and media advisor to the Ministry of Manpower said that the minister received an urgent report through the labor attache Ahmed Ibrahim, head of the Workers Representation Office in Kuwait, in which he revealed that he had contacted Arafa Mansour Mabrouk (uncle of the deceased) and was informed of the minister’s condolences to him and his family and the completion of the procedures for burying the deceased in his hometown In Minya Governorate, Mallawi Center, as well as contacting the company official to complete the payment of insurance dues.

The head of the Labor Representation Office said: The deceased Ibrahim Ragab Muhammad Ibrahim is 32 years old, married and supports 3 children, and works as a security guard in a company specialized in security services, and the death report showed that it was caused by a landmine explosion in the lower part of the body. This led to fatal injuries to the abdomen and feet, which resulted in his death, and that the tragedy was left over from the Iraqi invasion.

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