A new American robot helps cleanse surfaces and fight the Corona virus


Scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States have developed a robot that helps fight the Corona virus, especially in public places, such as schools, hospitals, and warehouses, and the US news network, CNN, reported that the robot, which was developed in cooperation with Ava Robotics, It can disinfect surfaces in tight, hard-to-reach areas.

The new robot, which began its development process last April, can clear the floor of a 4,000 square foot (371 square meters) warehouse in half an hour, according to Sky News.

One of the researchers involved in the project said that it was a direct response to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, which began in China last December, and soon swept the world within a few months..

The researchers pointed out that the robot can perform disinfection using ultraviolet radiation in more than one place, including supermarkets, malls, factories and restaurants..

Corona virus is mainly spread across surfaces, as it continues for a period of days, hence the idea of ​​the robot to cleanse the surfaces that the virus is likely to be stuck with..

The researchers emphasized that the ultraviolet light has proven effective in killing bacteria and viruses on the surfaces, but this radiation is harmful to humans, hence the robot’s design came to work on its own without the need for any human supervision.

They clarified that the light tubes on top of the robot emit a short-wave ultraviolet light that kills microorganisms and disrupts their DNA in a process called “ultraviolet radiation”.“.

This process is usually used in hospitals or medical places to sterilize rooms and stop the spread of microorganisms.


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