“A party inside a cemetery” … a video story that sparked controversy in Tunisia and the authorities


11:18 PM

Tuesday 30 June 2020

Books – Mohamed Safwat:

A video clip circulating on social networking sites in Tunisia, for a ceremony inside a cemetery, sparked widespread anger among the site’s visitors, and the public prosecutor in Tunisia decided to open an investigation into the incident on charges of violating the sanctity of the graves.

In the video clip circulating, a female band is shown singing and dancing inside a cemetery located in the shrine of the righteous guardian Sidi Jaber in the Burj al-Ras area in Mahdia Governorate, while some of the attendees sat at the ceremony on graves instead of chairs.

Yesterday, the Tunisian Public Prosecutor called on the first instance court in Mahdia Governorate, to open an investigation into the ceremony.

In the same regard, a spokesman for the courts of Monastir and Mahdia, Farid Bin Juha, stated: “The prosecution opened an indicative report, and that the incident took place in the shrine of the guardian of the ancient city of Mahdia,” according to the network “Russia Today” quoted local Tunisian media.

Juha pointed out that there is a chapter in the penal code that punishes everyone who violates the sanctity of graves, stressing that the prosecution will prove whether this type of party is one of the customs of the region or not, to stand at the administrative violations taking place.

The official spokesman for the courts of Monastir and Mahdia stated that, according to the preliminary data, these types of parties are held in many shrines of the righteous saints.

Comments poured into the incident, denouncing it and clarifying from others that it is an ancient custom in the city.

Activist Naela Al-Hami commented on her Twitter account, saying: “After a ceremony was held in a cemetery in Mahdia and a video was circulated on the social media, the public prosecutor opens a judicial search.

Personally, this does not concern me .. I think the most important thing is the need to understand the matter psychologically and socially? What is the intention of a party in a cemetery? Any changes in Tunisian society that no one will notice, and everyone is focused on political conflicts. “

Others, who claimed to be residents of the area that witnessed the accident, explained, according to local Tunisian media, that it was not a wedding as promoted by flags, but rather one of the customs of the people of the city that have been passed on for generations.

“What they said is the position of the guardian, Saleh, and every day this story becomes,” Susanna said on Twitter.

The Tunisian media reported that it has been from the customs and traditions of the people of the Mahdia governorate since ancient times, to celebrate the shrines of saints like other Tunisians across the country, on several different occasions.

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