A policeman rescues a child seconds before a shark attack (video)


Thursday 23 July 2020 11:18

US social media activists shared a video showing a man pulling a child out of the water moments before a possible shark attack near him.

The police officer Adrian Kosiki, accompanied by his wife, outside his working hours on “Cocoa Beach” in Braverd County, Florida, when he heard people screaming and pointed to a shark approaching a child skating in the sea.

Immediately, the policeman threw himself in the water, risking his life, and succeeded in dragging the child to the beach before the predatory shark pounced on him. The policeman or the child was unhurt, after he arrived at the appropriate time.

Adrian’s behavior and courage was admired by social media pioneers, especially when the Brevard County Police confirmed that Adrian was out of office hours when he saved the child.


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